This is the story behind the Perpetual Motion headband. (Being a total GEEK here)

I like to put on TV shows in the background when I'm working on things.
This particular day I was watching The Big Bang Theory. I was playing around with my zipper material and thought to put two infinity designs together. In the background I could hear the dialogue. It was the Physic's Bowl episode where  Leonard, Howard, Rajesh, and Sheldon decide to enter the Physic's Bowl. Howard comes up with the team name "Perpetual Motion Squad," short for PMS, while also making a dirty joke, "We can go all night."

As soon as Howard said, "We can go all night," an idea popped into my head.
I quickly looked up Perpetual Motion (I am far from being a physics geek) and saw this:
Leonardo's drawings of perpetual motion wheels
And then I looked back at my own design:

theHAREshop Perpetual Motion Headband

The inspiration came and viola The Perpetual Motion Headband.
It's unique and fun!
Hope you enjoyed the background story of this fantastic headband!

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